Deli meats package features

Deli meats package features slider zipper closure - New packages: Food beverage pharmaceutical medical HBA Hormel premium sliced dell meats are now packaged in a clear flexible pouch

Did the IMF cause a famine?

Did the IMF cause a famine? Malawi faces starvation-after, it seems, heeding Western advice on managing food stocks - Features - InternatioDid the IMF cause a famine? Malawi faces starvation-after, it seems, heeding Western advice on managing food stocks - Features - International Monetary FundAs the world food summit ended in Rome this month in a drizzle

The land of plenty runs dry:

The land of plenty runs dry: Argentina was once so prosperous that poor Europeans emigrated there. Now, children starve and thousands scavenge for foodSitting on a bench outside her rough wooden shack, Mercedes Medina looks down at her five grandchildren playing at her feet, and sighs.

Vote for the devil you know:

Vote for the devil you know: Serbs, now trying to elect a new president, still can't shake off Milosevic. For many of them, catching up with western Europe involves higher food and fuel prices, as well as lost jobsSlobodan Milosevic, in his Hague cell, must be grimly satisfied as he ponders the fallout from the scuppered elections for a Serbian president.

Boost your BBQ IQ:

Boost your BBQ IQ: so you need a new gas grill? You don't have to settle for one that's just a step up from a campfire. Gas grills now offer features that eliminate flare-ups, cook food evenly, and stand up to years of use. But, all grills are not created equalIf it isn't sturdy at the store, it could fall apart in your backyard. A well-built grill feels solid.


How To Plan A Healthy Diet In Our Fast Food Society

Everyone knows that it is beneficial to eat healthy foods, so our body can get the nutrition that it needs. Doctors and fitness experts encourage this but when presented with so many choices at the supermarket, it's hard to choose which foods to buy and how much of them you should eat everyday. There is a formula that makes planning a healthier diet a lot easier. Grains Grains such as wheat and oats contain soluble fiber. This promotes regularity and has the added benefit of making you feel fuller, so you will eat less. Try to include 6 ounces of fiber daily.

A cup of cereal contains an ounce as does a slice of whole grain bread. Vegetables Everyone knows that eating lots of vegetables are good for you. They contain vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. When choosing your vegetables, choose not only from the different vegetables but also from the different colors as well. When choosing green vegetables, choose the dark green variety like spinach.

Orange vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A and antioxidants. Try to include 2 1/2 cups of vegetables daily. Fruits Fruits also provide us with vitamins, fibers and antioxidants. Choose from the many different varieties. It is best to eat fresh fruit, but you can eat them canned, dried and frozen.

Fruit juice can also be used, but remember that they can be high in sugar, so don't drink large quantities of them. Include 2 cups of fruit daily. Milk Milk contains calcium, an important mineral that our bodies need. People who are trying to lose weight should buy low fat or fat free varieties.

You can also get calcium from eating other dairy products like yogurt. If you have a dairy intolerance, look for products that are lactose free. Some other foods and beverages are also now fortified with calcium, so you can choose from those as well. Adults should include 3 cups of milk daily, while children between the ages of 2 - 8, should drink 2 cups daily.

Beans and Meat Beans and meat provide the body with protein, which helps to build strong muscles. Avoid frying meat to keep fat consumption at a minimum. Instead, use techniques such as broiling or grilling them.

Substitute meat with beans, such as peas and kidney beans to help lower the fat consumption in your diet. Include 5 ounces of protein per day. While planning your diet, be sure to avoid solid fats, such as those found in butter, margarine and lard. Despite being a tasty additive, they raise the cholesterol and should be limited.

Get into the habit of reading the labels on packaged foods. This way you can monitor the amount of sodium and saturated fats in the foods that you buy. By carefully choosing what you include in your diet, you can be sure that your body is getting what it needs to stay active and healthy.

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